Dragon Rider BUIDL Program
It's a really FORKing good program.
The Dragon Rider BUIDL program is a platform for Dragonchain users to have their own asset created for business utility, investment strategies, or simply to be able to take part in a truly fair launched rug-proof asset. Contact Kyle Chisamore via Telegram @TheKyleDev to get started.
Only Trusted Service Address | 0xBAfBdF6e4B1C414A906d9f14765B3d51Ad2C9919
List of Requirements
Liquidity Burned
Having the first initial Liquidity Burned will protect Dragnchain users from being rug pulled from the Liquidity being removed.
Fair Launch
A Fair Launch is a really important feature that we want to enforce on the Dragon Rider BUIDL program. This means that even the developers/team has to buy the token rather than just having tokens minted in their wallets.
What the Dragonchain Team will need to know about the token you wish to have created:
Name of Token
The name of the token should reflect the utility or theme of an asset.
Ticker Symbol
Example: Bitcoin's Ticker is BTC, it is used to abrevate an asset in the market, it is wise to not share the same ticker as another existing asset.
The lower the supply the greater influence the marketcap has on the price of the asset.
Tax for Reflection Rewards
Reflection Rewards Tax are used to tax indivuduals from transactions and then send the results from the tax to existing holders (including the burn address). This incentivizes people to hold even during strong sell pressure.
Tax for Liquidity Growth
A Liquidity Growth Tax is great for improving the price stability of an asset and incentivies holders to provide liquidty.
Service List
Token Creation
Tax System
Logo Creation
Dragonchain Listing
Token Management and Marketing Advice from Dragonchain CEO, Kyle Chisamore
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